Tokyo Cultural Heritage Map

Let's take a stroll around Shirokane-Takanawa!
Minato city Course (Shirokane-Takanawa)

Nowadays Shirokane-Takanawa area gives the most stylish impression among the Tokyo Metropolitan area. In the Edo period, however this area was located in a suburb of Edo City, and there were feudal lord’s suburban residences on the hill and many famous temples along the Tokaido Highway. And later, when Japan ended its national isolation at the End of Edo period, legations for foreign countries were established. Therefore, people could feel exoticism in this area.

Now, we will introduce the sites of properties, Chushingura and feudal lord's residence in the Edo Period, and missionary's residence or legations which tell us the trace of new nation of Japan in the Meiji period.

In a crisp autumn day, how about enjoy another charm of Shirokane-Takanawa.

Let's stroll around Shirokane-Takanawa

The areas of Shirokane, Shirokanedai and Takanawa at Minato City, spread between Meguro dori Avenue Street and Sengakuji Station area were used to be located in the suburbs of Edo City.

The current Meguro dori Avenue Street was the highway which leaded to Kuhonbutsu (Joshin-ji Temple) at Okusawa, Setagaya City and the pilgrimage routes to Meguro Fudo (Ryusen-ji Temple). There were sites of temples around Nihon-enoki in east and feudal lord's suburban residences along this highway.

In this event of "Let's stroll around Shirokane-Takanawa", we start at Meguro Station, pass through Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum (former Residence of Asaka no Miya) and National Institute for Nature Study attached to The National Museum of Nature and Science (former Imperial Land in Shirogane) which had been the suburban residence of MATSUDAIRA Sanuki-no-kami (Lord of Takamatsu domain, current Kagawa prefecture) in the Edo period, turn right around Zuisho-ji Temple and arrive at Meiji Gakuin. Then we go up a hill, we will see Takanawa Fire Station Nihon-enoki Branch Office. Furthermore, when we take Nawatemichi Street toward Isarago, there appear former Kumamoto domain Hosokawa Family's suburban residence and Toki Family's second residence (Kamezuka) and Saikai-ji Temple (the first French Legation). Along the Tokaido Highway lining the seashore, there are Tozen-ji Temple, Sengaku-ji Temple and the site of Christians in Genna era. Finally going up further north on Tokaido Highway, Nawatemichi Street, we can find many historic sites around this Mita area.

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Tokyo Cultural Heritage Map

Would you like to go around cultural heritages? In Tokyo, there are various cultural heritages. This map helps you go around cultural heritages with efficiency during limited time in your trip. Japanese traditional temples and shrines, the cultural heritages concerned to most famous events and person in Japan and a lot of nature. This map introduces all of them widely! You must watch them and know the history and the culture of Tokyo!


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