Tokyo Cultural Heritage Map
Appendix 2

Protection of personal information (Privacy Policy)

The collection, use, and management of personal information on this site is based on the “Tokyo Metropolitan Government Ordinance for the Protection of Personal Information” (1990, Ordinance No. 113. Hereinafter “Ordinance for the Protection of Personal Information”). As the owners and administrators of this site work to create a homepage that can be used in safety and security by al, personal information will be properly handled in the following manner.

1 Definition

“Personal information” refers to addresses, names, phone numbers, email addresses, and other personally identifying information collected by the Tokyo Municipal Government Board of Education via this site.

2 Scope

This policy applies only to this site and does not apply to sites linked to by this site.

3 Basic policy

· All personal information collected by the Tokyo Municipal Government Board of Education through this site is, as a general rule, collected via users’ voluntary provision (registration).
· The objective for any collection of personal information will be clearly stated.
· The collection of personal information will be conducted to the extent necessary to achieve the clearly stated objective.

4 Restrictions on the use of personal information

· Personal information provided (registered) by users will be used within the scope of the objectives for collection, clearly declared in advance of the collection.
· This personal information will absolutely not be used within the relevant implementing bodies∗ for purposes outside the scope of the collection objective, nor will this personal information be provided to anyone outside of the implementing body (Excluding exceptions established in the Ordinance for the Protection of Personal Information).
∗ “Implementing bodies” refers to the handlers of the relevant personal information, including the Governor of Tokyo, Board of Education, Election Administration Commission, Personnel Commission, auditors, Public Safety Commission, Labor Relations Commission, Expropriation Commission, Fisheries Adjustment Commissions, Inland Waters Fishing Ground Management Commissions, Fixed Property Assessment Examination Committee, municipal utility administrators, Fire Chief, and local independent administrative institutions established by the Tokyo Municipal Government.

5 Management of personal information

· Under the responsibility of this website’s administrators, all collected personal information will be strictly managed by a contractor who will take proper measures to prevent leakage, misappropriation, loss, and damage.
· All personal information provided (registered) by users will be protected with encryption technology (SSL) to ensure that the information is protected from illegal access by unauthorized third parties.
· Personal information for which storage ceases to be necessary will be quickly deleted or discarded.
· The administration of this site may be entrusted to an outside contractor, but this contractor will adopt the same appropriate measures as those described above.

6 All other (non-personal) user information

· This site automatically collects information on Internet domain names, IP addresses, and the environment in which the site is viewed.
· Use of the information collected from visitors to this site is limited to those activities intended to improve the usability of this site and will only be used for that purpose. However, statistical access data and viewing environment data for this site may be publicly published.

Tokyo Cultural Heritage Map

Would you like to go around cultural heritages? In Tokyo, there are various cultural heritages. This map helps you go around cultural heritages with efficiency during limited time in your trip. Japanese traditional temples and shrines, the cultural heritages concerned to most famous events and person in Japan and a lot of nature. This map introduces all of them widely! You must watch them and know the history and the culture of Tokyo!


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