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Gallery éf Gura (Storehouse of Gallery éf)

National Tangible Cultural Properties (Buildings)
Registered on December 11, 1998

The area of the gallery on the south Kaminari-mon Gate, near Azuma-bashi Bridge, along Sumida-gawa River, used to be called "Zaimoku-cho (timber town)". Actually, there had been a lot of wholesale merchants dealt in timbers or bamboos.

This storehouse was a household storehouse of a wealthy timber merchant "TAKEYA". Many residences and stores had stand side by side all through the area to Sumida-gawa River.

The structure of the storehouse is quite strong; it has big pillars and beams, and its plaster work on the wall is solid. There is an ink script under the beam of the second floor, which is the date of "August, 1868" and the name of "TAKEYA Chojiro 3rd". It is the year that the era name changed to Meiji, on September, 1868. This storehouse is a precious cultural property, handing down the atmosphere of the Edo period to now. At the present, it becomes the gallery accompanied with art space.

Opening Information of the Storehouse of Gallery éf

Opening Days:
All yearyear(Except on Tuesdays and temporary non-business days)
Opening Times:
11:00~18:30(Varies depending on the type of exhibition)