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Kamiya Bar Honkan (Kamiya Bar)

National Tangible Cultural Properties (Buildings)
Registered on October 28, 2011

Kamiya Bar

Kamiya Bar is one of the landmarks in Asakusa, which has stayed at the approach to Azuma-bashi Bridge since before the Great Kanto Earthquakes.

In the Meiji period, when the precincts of Senso-ji Temple became a public park, many entertainment facilities, like a theater, came to be built on the west of the temple. Especially, the Denki-kan Cinema was very popular for the cultured people. The word "Denki (electricity)" symbolized a novelty at that time. The Kamiya Bar served the strong cocktail with has 45 percent alcohol content was named "Denki-bran". This cocktail and wine were also novelty and appeared in many literary works at that time. Kamiya Bar was founded in 1880 and remodeled into a Western-style bar in 1912. This is said to be the first bar in Asakusa.

The present building was built with a reinforced concrete in 1921 in the forefront of time. The big triple arch with round windows at the front is characteristics.

Opening Information of the Kamiya Bar

Opening Days:
All year(Allowed to look at only the exterior)
Opening Times:
All day(Allowed to look at only the exterior)
Free(Allowed to look at only the exterior)
Accessible facilityrestaurant