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8 Iwase Kyo zan Haka (The grave of Iwase Kyo zan)

Tokyo Historic Places
Designated on March 28, 1955

The grave of Iwase Kyozan (1769-1858), a popular fiction writer in the late Edo period and the younger brother of Santo Kyoden. He used to serve Shinoyama Domain before writing fiction. After Kyoden's death, Kyozan made his son succeed as the head of the family and acted as a guardian for the son, while succeeding the brother's business by himself. He was a productive writer; his uniqueness is noticeable in books of the collected stories with the mixture of a popular plot and moral lessons, mainly assuming women as readers.

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2-min walk from JR Sobu Line Ryogoku Station, 8-min walk from Subway Oedo Line Ryogoku Station
The Ryogoku Nigiwai Festival is held in early May. No smoking, lavatories:provided,photography prohibited, foreign language support available