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6 Kato Chikage Haka (The grave of Kato Chikage)

Tokyo Historic Places
Designated on March 28, 1955

It is the grave of Japanese classical scholar and poet in late Edo period. He studied under Kamono Mabuchi, and wrote widely on the subject , e.g. "Man-yoshu Ryakukai"(= outline of Man-yoshu) and "Ukeraga Hana "(book of poetry).

Ekoin temple has been popular among people since Edo period. And the temple has graves of notable people in some field like culture and performing art. The grave of Kato Chikage is one of the graves, too.

Opening times

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Access & Required Time
2-min walk from JR Ryogoku Station / 8-min walk from Subway Oedo Line Ryogoku Station
No smoking, lavatories:provided, photograph is prohibited, foreign language support available