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5 Sekizo Meireki Taika Oshisha-to Kuyoto
(Commemoration stone tower for the dead in the Great Fire of Meireki)

Tokyo Tangible cultural Properties (Historical Material)
Designated on March 12, 1981

The tower was built in commemoration of those who died unnatural death, including victims of the Great Fire of Meireki, prisoners died in prison, those who died on street and were executed. It was built around 1675 by the petition from the second chief priest of Ekoin Temple, Shinyo Teizon.

There were used to many fires in Edo. Since merchants, who account for a half of the population in Edo, were crammed into limited areas, a single fire could cause significant damage. The Great Fire of Meireki is a common term for three fires that occurred consecutively from January 18 to January 19. Most of the city center at the time (current Chiyoda and Chuo cities) was affected by the fire and tens of thousands of people were killed.

The main stone is in rectangular shape and all four surfaces were chamfered. On top of the main stone, a coping stone with bargeboards on all four sides, and hoju (sacred gem) are placed. Lotus-shaped base and two square foundation stones are at the bottom. The total height is 305cm (coping stone 68cm, main stone 162cm, lotus-shaped base and foundation stone 75cm). The tower was originally built in front of Sanbutsu-do hall at the right side of the main hall of Ekoin Temple. Later the halls were moved but it is assumed that the location of the tower has not been moved. In Ekoin Temple, there are many other commemoration towers for the neglected. In the east side of the main hall, many commemoration towers and gravestones of the famous can be seen.

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Access & Required Time
Ekoin Temple, 2-8-10 Ryogoku, Sumida City
2-min walk from JR Sobu Line Ryogoku Station, 8-min walk from Subway Oedo Line Ryogoku Station
The Ryogoku Nigiwai Festival is held for 5 days in early May.
{No smoking, lavatories : provided photography prohibited, foreign language support available}