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3 Ako Roshi Genroku Gikyo No Ato

Tokyo Historic Places
Designated on March 28 1955

"Honjo-Matsuzakacho Park is located in a square of the site where existed the residence of Kira Kozukenosuke Yoshinaka (or Yoshihisa), who is well-known for "Chushingura" (Forty-Seven Ronin Incident).

Kira's mansion was moved from the original residence in Gofukubashi to this Honjo-Matsuzaka Residence in early August, 1701, after the sword-cut incident by Asano Takuminokami Naganori inside the Edo Castle on March 14 of the same year.

On December 14 (dawn of 15), 1701, the so-called Raid by 47 Ronin occured, and Kozukenosuke was felled at this place.

Opening times

Date :
Time :
All day
Access & Required Time
3-13-9 Ryogoku, Sumida City
7-min walk from JR Sobu Line Ryogoku Station
7-min walk from Subway Oedo Line Ryogoku Station