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11 Genna Kirishitan Iseki (The site of Christians in Genna)

Historic Place of Tokyo
Designated on February 21, 1959

The site of Christians in Genna

In the early years of the Edo period, missionaries enhanced the propagation of Christianity in Japan. But since TOKUGAWA Shogunate considered it to be a menace, it banned Christianity in 1613. Many Christians were captured, and in Nagasaki or Kyoto, Christians who never renounce faith by a Christian were executed. However, escaped Christians continued to believe.

In Edo City also on December in 1623, 50 Christians, including HARA Mondo, Father de Angelis and Father Falves were executed. HARA Mondo, who had worked as a pageboy of Shogun Iemitsu, had been exiled from Sunpu Castle, more unfortunate he was captured during hiding in Edo City.

It is estimated that there was an execution ground in this vicinity with the biography of Ikku Shonin who founded Chifukuji Temple, the description by Léon Pages of which the execution ground was located on the hill at the entrance to Tokaido highway, Kiriezu (a sort of map) in Edo period and geographical features.

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