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8 Kyu HOSOKAWA-tei no Shii (Castanopsis at Former HOSOKAWA residence)

Natural Monument of Tokyo
Designated on January 31, 1961

Castanopsis at Former HOSOKAWA residence

On the hill behind Takanawa Minato City Office where the Kumamoto Domain HOSOKAWA Family's suburban residence was located, there is old Castanopsis sieboldii. The trunk was cut about 10m in height; however it has over 8.1m in trunk circumference as large tree.

Castanopsis sieboldii, which belongs to the Fagaceae family, is one of the major evergreen tall trees growing south of Fukushima prefecture and Niigata prefecture. The leaves have the length of 5-10cm, width of 2-3cm, and fine point. Early summer, trees blossom and next autumn its oval fruits with sharp edges ripen.

It seems that this Castanopsis, has continued to watch various historical events from Edo down to the present.

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