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5 Takanawa Shobosho Nihon-enoki Shutchojo (Takanawa Fire Station Nihon-enoki Branch Office)

Selection of Historic Architectural Structures of Tokyo
Selected on March 6, 2010

Takanawa Fire Station Nihon-enoki Branch Office

Built on 8th December, 1933.

This building with reinforced concrete, 3-stories, had been situated alone at the intersection on the top of the hill 25m altitude, without any tall buildings surrounded, so it had a good view to the Tokyo Bay.

It was built in L-shaped floor plan with both wings of 2-stories and cylinder shape of the corner of 3 stories which has the cylindrical watch tower on it. This lively attractive design was done by OCHI Misao, who worked in the building and repairs section of the National Police Agency. It was constructed by Hazama corporation.

The exterior wall was covered with tiles. Continuous rows of window-sills and parapets on the roof emphasis horizontal lines on the exterior design and opening parts of the building such as windows made of exposed-aggregate imitation stones also characterize the building.

Through the entrance that faces the intersection, and climbing up the stairs with smooth texture, you can see the decorative moldings applied around the ceiling and tops of pillars. On the third floor, there is a large circular hall and eight beams spread radically from the center to eight columns. In this hall gas lamps on the pillars have been kept since the building was founded.

Break Column (the history of Nihon-enoki, 2 hackberries)

In the Edo period, there were 2 Hackberries trees in front of the gate of a Buddhist temple around here, and they served as a landmark for travelers. Therefore people called here "Nihon-enoki" even though those Hackberries died.

Currently the town name was changed, however, the movement for the two Hackberries stands on Jokyo-ji Temple.

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