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Minato city Course (Shirokane-Takanawa)

2 Kyu Shirogane Goryochi (Former Imperial Land in Shirogane)

National Natural Monument and Historic Site
Designated on April 12, 1949

Botanical garden

At former Imperial Land in Shirogane, there had been Sanuki-no-kuni Takamatsu Domain (current Kagawa prefecture)'s suburban residence (the first MATSUDAIRA Yorishige was elder brother of TOKUGAWA Mitsukuni who was lord of the Mito Domain, one of the three privileged branches of TOKUGAWA Family) in the Edo period, and was a gunpowder magazine of army and navy in the Meiji period, and became Imperial estates in the Taisho period. At present, National Institute for Nature Study attached to The National Museum of Nature and Science and Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum are located here.

In this park, since nature has been preserved so largely untouched, and there remain the legend of Shirogane Millionaire's residence site and the earthwork, so this area has been designated for Natural Monument and Historic Site.

Except for the zone of Special Natural Conservation, you can walk along the path in the gardens, which is a sanctuary for the birds and plants contained marshes, Hyotan Pond and deciduous trees such as konara oak, Japanese zelkova and dogwood, as well as conifers such as sweet-acorn tree, bamboo-leaf oak and pine.

And also you can find the historic sites such as earthworks with their explanation signboards.

Opening Information

Open :
All year (except Mondays (if a holiday falls on them, Tuesday), next day of holiday (except Saturday and Sunday) and the year's end and beginning)
Times :
September 1 -April 30 9:00-16:30 (Enter by 16:00)
May 1 - August 31 9:00-17:00 (Enter by 16:00)
Fee :
General & College Student : 310 yen
high school and younger students & over 65 years old : Free