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1 Kyu Asaka-no-miya-tei (Former Residence of Prince Asaka)

National Cultural Important Properties (Buildings)
Designated on July 8, 2015



Entrance hall

The Asaka-no-miya Family was established in 1906 by Prince Yasuhiko, who was the 8th son of Asahiko, Prince Kuni. He got married with the 8th daughter of Emperor Meiji, Nobuko, Princess Fumi. Prince Yasuhiko went to Europe to study and got involved in an accident in 1923, which made Princes Nobuko go to France to nurse him. They stayed at Paris until 1925, and visited the International Exposition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts to experience the latest design at that time.

Meanwhile, the land for a new residence was given to the Prince Asaka Family. Gondo Yokichi, who belonged to the department of interior of the Imperial House agency, made a plan for their new residence and ordered Henri Rapin, a French interior designer and a painter, to design the interior of main rooms. The residence was completed in 1933.

The residence is constructed with reinforced concrete structure and the external appearance is simple and modern, while the interior is decorative.

For instance, the glass-relief door in the front entrance hall features a standing female figure and chandeliers in the salon and the great dining hall are the work of French glass artist, Rene Lalique.

The walls in the small drawing room are finished with oilon-Canvas paintings by Henri Rapin and the interior for the Study room are also designed by him.

The marble relief on the wall in the Great Hall, "Children Playing", is the work of Ivan-Léon Blanchot, and the painting in the Great Dinning Hall is also.

The private dining room has Japanese style, the main gate, warehouse and a tea ceremony room designed by HIRATA Masaya are also still existed with the Japanese garden. The residence has a variety of the style and sophisticated design.

All of them create the atmosphere of the Imperial life. This is one of the best Imperial court architectures in Japan.

Now the residence is open to the public as Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum.


Main building

Opening Information

Open :
All year (except 2nd, 4th Wednesdays (if a holiday falls on them, Thursday), the year's end and beginning)
Times :
10:00-18:00 (enter by 17:30)
Fee :
Depending on the type of exhibition