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2 Zojo-ji Kyozo
(A repository and storehouse of Zojo-ji temple)

Toyko Tangible Cultural Properties (Building)
Designated on April 1921

Zojo-ji was founded by Yuyo Sosho in 1393 as Jodo-sect orthodox dojo for Buddhist invocations of Jodo-sect in Musashinokuni Toshimagun Kaizuka (Chiyoda city). Since 1598, it was relocated to its current place. In 1609, based on the Jodo doctrine, it was extended by the Edo government to a Dai-garan (temple complex) consisting of main building, Sanmon (enlightenment gate), Kyozo, Omotemon (main gate), Hojo (residence), dormitories and other small buildings. Once Zojo-ji became the family temple of Tokugawa Shogun and the most important among 18 Jodo-sect study-temples in Kanto area, religious and political decisions of Jodo-sect were made there. Kyozo was constructed in 1613, relocated and remodelled in December 1681 and finally moved to its current place in June 1802. Kyozo contains wooden octahedral sutra storage shelves that smoothly revolve around the central pillar. So, Gen and Korai editions of Daizokyo (Sutra in China), which were donated by Ieyasu Tokugawa, were kept in those shelves (They are important cultural properties, and are currently kept in a different place).

Opening times

Date :
Unscheduled (Please refer to the Zojoji Temple website)
Time :
10:00 - 15:00
Access & Required Time
4-7-35 Shibakoen, Minato-city
Close to Subway Mita Line Onarimon Station/Subway Asakusa Line & Oedo Line Daimon Station/JR Yamanote Line & Keihin Tohoku Line Hamamatsucho Station
No smoking, lavatories : provided, photography prohibited