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6 Tokan Forest

Natural Monument of Hino City
Designated on October 1, 1975

Tokan Forest

This green area has a small shrine of Inari used be surrounded with a lot of Torreya, Mukutree, Wisteria and Holly trees, in the current days those trees were felled by decline and death except for the two big Torreyas. This area is called "Tokan", which means that the Chinese character of inari can read phonetically "Toka", or the 10 (To in Japanese) families have taken care of the shrine.

HIJIKATA Toshizo's birthplace was near here. When his family's house was almost washed away by a flood in 1864, the people of Ishida village and others came up to help, and they took away the main house and warehouse to move the current place of the HIJIKATA Toshizo museum.

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