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3 Site of Officially Sub-appointed Inn at Hinoshuku (Hino Post Town)

Historic Place of Tokyo
Designated on March 23, 2010

Site of Officially Sub-appointed Inn at Hinoshuku (Hino Post Town)

At the former Hinoshuku on Koshudo Highway, Honjin (officially appointed inn), and Waki Honjin (sub-honjin) were established side by side in the center of town. Daimyo (feudal lord), Hatamoto (lord of the Edo Shogunate), officials of Edo Shogunate stayed at Honjin, and Waki Honjin played a supplementary role. Honjin of Hinoshuku was residence of KAMISATO Family and Waki Honjin was those of SHIMOSATO Family, and both families served as headman of Hino Hongo and dealer of Hinoshuku. Although both Honjin and Waki Honjin burnt away in a great fire of 1849, Waki Honjin was reconstructed by SATO Hikogoro in 1864. It is the only Waki Honjin facilities which still remain without major alteration.

This building in gable roof with a traditional tiled roof is one of biggest buildings on Koshu-kaido Highway. It shows prestigious atmosphere with Shikidai entrance in Irimoya roof (gambrel roof) facing highway. However, SHIMOSATO Family had served as "Honjin" in a period of the late Edo period, so this building is designated as "Hinoshuku Honjin" Cultural property by Hino City.

SATO Hikogoro opened here the Tennenrishin-ryu Kenjutsu training hall, and HIJIKATA Toshizo, KONDO Isami and others gathering here, organized the Shinsengumi and worked actively.

Opening Information

Open :
All year (except Mondays (if a holiday falls on them, Tuesdays), the year's end and beginning)
Times :
9:30-17:00 *Varies depending on the event
Fee :
General : 200yen
junior high school and younger students : 50yen