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Memories of Shinsengumi in Hino City


HIJIKATA Toshizo (Courtesy of National Diet Library)

The vice chief of Shinsengumi, HIJIKATA Toshizo and the leader of the Rokubantai, INOUE Genzaburo, were born and grown up in current Hino City. HIJIKATA Toshizo was descended from the family of "Daijin" (provincial magnate) for generations in Ishidamura Village, Musashi Country, (current Ishida, Hino City). He recieved Kenjutsu (swordplay) training at the school of SATO Hikogoro, who was his brother-in-law.

INOUE Genzaburo was born to the INOUE Family of Hachioji Sennin Doshin (junior officials in Hachioji) at Hinoshuku (Hino Post Town), Kitahara, and with his elder brother Matsugoro joined the Tennenrishin-ryu School. OKITA Soji who was related to INOUE Family spent certain days at Hinoshuku.

Hinoshuku on Koshudo Highway is located 39.3km far from Nihonbashi, Edo City. Around the post town, with widespread riceproducing district, people enjoy the benefits of economic affluence. And they have the affirming with Shogunate, and also Kenjutsu was popular under the influence of Hachioji Sennin Doshin.

SATO Hikogoro, a dealer of Hinoshuku (in charge of post town), headman of Hino Hongo, became disciple of Tennenrishinryu School and opened Kenjutsu training hall at his house. As sword fighters who would organize Shinsengumi later began to have a relationship each other, it would be able to say that Shinsengumi started at Hinoshuku.

And more, wealthy farmers of Tama area supported both materially and spiritually activities of Shinsengumi. This support continued after they went to Kyoto.

Many letters and belongings of members of Shinsengumi remain in Tama area. That is because they wrote letters to supporters there to tell their energetic work at Kyoto.

Tama area including Hino City, have a lot of materials and places related to Shinsengumi, could be called Shinsengumi's home.

Hino city Map

1 Main Hall of Yasaka-jinja Shrine

Tangible Cultural Properties of Hino City (Buildings)
Designated on October 1, 1961

Main Hall of Yasaka-jinja Shrine

It was the So Chinju (the Grand Guardian Gods), also called Gozu-Tennosha Shrine. The Main Hall (Cultural property designated by Hino City), reconstructed in 1800, has the height of 9.1m, made of Zelkova, which was sculptured not only on veranda and walls, but also pillars, beams and balustrades. It is worth looking at.

This shrine has the Kegaku which were offered in 1858 by 23 members of Tennenrishin-ryu of Hinoshuku including SHIMAZAKI (KONDO) Isami, OKITA Sojiro (Soji), SATO Hikogoro, INOUE Matsugoro and Genzaburo. You can see this Kegaku in Shinsengumi Festival on May and in Reitaisai Festival on September.

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