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6 Mokuzo Fudo Myoo and Nidoji Zo

National Important Cultural Properties (Sculpture)
Designated on June 28, 1994

The statue of Fudo Myoo and two statues of Doji Zo(=boy attendants). All three statues are enshrined in Fudo-do of Kongo-ji temple.

Fudo Myoo is a god of Buddhism. The god has a role of converting people to Buddhism and widely worshiped by Buddhists.

In addition, the name of "Myoo" is well known to the believers of a religion other than Buddhism in Japan.

The name of two statues of boy attendants are "Kongara-doji" and "Seitaka-doji"."Doji" means boy attendant. They are followers of Myoo.

It seems that all of three statues were made in late Heian period. They are very precious cultural heritage and designated as National Important Cultural Properties.

Opening times

Date :
Time :
300 yen
Access & Required Time
3-min walk from Tama Intercity Monorail,Keio Line Takahatafudo Station
Please use public transportation during the chrysanthemum festival.
No parking, lavatories:provided,photograph is prohibited