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5 Takahatazan Kongo-ji Monjo

Tokyo Tangible cultural properties(Old Documents)
Designated on March 6, 2000

"Takahatazan Kongoji Monjo" consists of 4,110 items of documents related to Takahatazan Kongoji temple, which has been a well-known as one of the Three Fudo in the Kanto region. The documents were produced from the medieval times through the Showa era.

Takahatazan Kongoji temple has been called "Takahata Fudoson" since ancient times. According to the temple legend, the beginning of Kongo-ji temple was as follows; per an Emperor's behest, Jikaku Taishi Ennin (794-864) had set the current location as a sacred site for the protection of Kanto in the Teikan era (859-877); and then, a hall had been built to enshrine a statue of Fudoson. In August 1335, the Fudo hall at the top of the mountain collapsed due to a rainstorm. After the collapse, priest Gikai Shonin restored the statue of Fudoson together with Korai Suketsuna, who was jito (the lord of manor). Gikai Shonin has been called the father of the restoration of the temple. At the same time, Gikai Shonin transferred the Fudo hall to the current location at the foot of the mountain. After Tokugawa Ieyasu moved to the Kanto area in August 1590, Ieyasu donated 30 koku as territory of the Fudo hall in November 1591. The temple had flourished as one of 11 temples for Chizan group of Shingon Buddhism in the Kanto region and had grown to one of the largest temples with 36 branch temples.

These documents are an important group of historical materials, which help us understand details of historical trends related to Kongo-ji temple, actual conditions of the temple management, the worship of the temple and rituals, its relationship with the branch temples, relationship with the shogunate and the Meiji Government, social situation at the time, its relationship with surrounding local societies.

Opening times

Date :
Time :
300 yen
Access & Required Time
733 Takahata, Hino-city
3-min walk from the Keio Line & Tama Intercity Monorail Takahatafudo Station
Please use public transportation during the Chrysanthemum Festival.
{Parking available, lavatories : provided, photography prohibited}