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4 Kongo-ji Temple Nio-mon Gate

National Important Cultural Properties (Building)
Designated on November 29, 1946

It is believed that this Nio-mon Gate is constructed in late Muromachi period. Large roof covering the veranda with railing on the second floor gives massive impression. The style of the gate is 3-bay two-storied gate with one entrance. The roof style is a hip-and-gable roof, and thatch roofing style with copper sheeting. When originally designed, it was a two-storied gate as it is now. But during the construction the design was changed to eight-legged style with Kirizuma-style (a roof with both sides spreading outward at an angle from the ridge) to cover top parts of the gate. Therefore it looked like one-storied gate. At the repair work in 1959, it was reproduced to the current style, two-storied gate with copper sheet roofing. The Nio statue placed in the gate is allegedly built in Muromachi period. On the top of the gate, there is a framed board that read "Takahata-san (mount Takahata)", which was written by Unsho, the 7th head priest of Chishaku-in Temple in Kyoto in early Edo period.

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Access & Required Time
Kongo-ji Temple 733 Takahata, Hino-city
3-min walk from the Keio Line & Tama Intercity Monorail Takahatafudo Station
Please use public transportation during the Chrysanthemum Festival.
{Parking available, lavatories : provided, photography prohibited}