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1 Kongo-ji Kyu-Gobugongen-shaden
(previous five Gongen-shaden in Kongo-ji temple)

Tokyo Tangible Cultural Properties (Building)
Designated on February 13, 1960

Kongo-ji Kyu-Gobugongen-shaden was founded as a guardian deity of Kongo-ji temple. According to records in the temple, it is called Gobugongen (five Gongen) because Yoriyoshi Minamoto contributed to build Hachiman shrine and then gather Inari, Nyu, Takano and Seiryuu Gongen (all shrines) at the same place. The remaining ridge tags tell that Gobugongen was constructed in 1340 and rebuilt in 1671. This is one of the few shaden architectures remaining from that period. This vivid Ikkensha-zukuri architecture is 1.52 m wide and 1.30 m deep with copper sheeting and a step canopy. It is lacquered in vermilion, carvings are emphasized using ink and Kaerumata (frog-leg strut) of the step canopy are in ultramarine blue. Five enshrined boards with carvings of deities' names contain additionally the construction date, 28th February, 1340 and the names of Honji Suijyaku (manifestations of Buddhist deities). These are all designated national art treasures. Gobugongen-shaden was relocated in 1996 due to the construction of Okuden, and is now in front of Dainichi-do.

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733 Takahata, Hino-city
3-min walk from the Keio Line & Tama Intercity Monorail Takahatafudo Station
Please use public transportation during the Chrysanthemum Festival.
{Parking available, lavatories : provided, photography prohibited}