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2 Mokuzo Komainu (Wooden guardian dogs)

Important Cultural Property (Sculptures)
Designated on February. 18, 1949.

Wooden guardian dogs

A pair of Komainu (guardian dogs), one opens its mouth wide (a-gyo), the other closes tight (un-gyo), is made of Japanese cypress wood. A-gyo heights 70.3 cm, un-gyo 72.1 cm. Both are assembled from abandoned wood pieces, with Crystal eyes, and have the traces of decoration by gold leaf on lacquer coating all over their body.

A-gyo seems as if it is now going to bark, un-gyo stands ready with giving a sharp glint in its eyes. They are muscular and have well-balanced body and front legs. The expression of sturdiness and reality has the strength which moves viewers overwhelmingly.

The wooden plates enclosed in the body of a-gyo is inscribed by carbon ink, you can see that Hirauchi Masanobu who was the chief of carpenters working for the Edo shogunate, made them in 1619. Masanobu is known as that during the Keicho era(1596-1615). He directed the construction of Okunitama Jinja Shrine. Though, the sculptures are said to be attributed by Unkei who lived in the beginning of the Kamakura period, as well, due to the resemblance in style.

These guardian dogs were originally set by the pillars of Middle Gate, facing each other. They are good representatives of guardian dogs of Musashi Sosha Shrine, having courageous spirit. Nowdays we can see inside the Homotsuden.

Opening Information of the Mokuzo Komainu

Opening Days:
Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, festival days of the shrine
Opening Times:
General:200yen Students:100yen
parkingNo smokingToilets